Writing Loving Max

Back to the computer, keyboard and inner personal thoughts. Yes, it’s that time again.

It is time to write.

I’m coming at it late this year. I was distracted from writing by marketing work that had to be done on Finding Max. Usually I begin working on my writing in the spring of each year and go until late fall. Rest for the winter and then go again.

I’m working on the sequel to Finding Max called Loving Max. In it the same characters from Finding Max are prominent and part of the action while Gus — everyone’s favorite bad neighborhood dude — steps into a bigger role in this book.

I always liked Gus from the first novel but couldn’t find a larger role for him in Finding Max. But in Loving Max his path is perfectly laid out before him. And it is quite a role to be handed without much previous training, I’m sure. And Gus seems to me to be the kind of man who “learns on the job” rather than listening to others.

Loving Max has been a real joy to work on. I was concerned that with all the excitement that the sequel wouldn’t be as much fun at all. But was I ever wrong. There is so much depth to get into after the events of Finding Max that it is like cooking steak instead of the usual hamburgers. It’s in the meat of it all.

Another aspect of the depth of the second novel is the getting intimate with Gary’s newly damaged psyche after Quinn enacted his rage and revenge upon the weakened Gary in that dank and dirty abandoned subway station. Getting into Gary’s drama has been very — exciting isn’t the right word — satisfying.

Writing Max is always gratifying. I find him to be a thoroughly enjoyable character to work with. A character who is so damaged yet struggling so hard to survive despite the pain of the past. I really look forward to delving further into Max in both books two and three.

And what can I say about writing Jean? Well, she’s a complex character in a different way than Max, but her complexities are easier to camouflage than his. Still, her anxieties and psychic disturbances are present upon her sleeve.

The second book introduces Ophelia, Mac’s new love interest. She’s a lovely match for Max, but she’s already got a connection to this merry band of outlaws which I won’t divulge here. But look for her influence in the second book.

So I’ve given enough about Loving Max away for now. Those are all the plot points that you’ll get from me. At least for today. But know one thing… Loving Max is as exciting and explosive as Finding Max is.

You just wait and see.

All my best, Darren M. Jorgensen

Darren M. Jorgensen, author of Finding Max.
Darren M. Jorgensen, author of the thriller, Finding Max, due out 22 May 2018.

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