Writer’s Block? No way! I’m just picky.

So Finding Max has been published and very excellent reviews are beginning to pop up online. So what is next?

Loving Max — the sequel to Finding Max — is in the works!

Seriously, I began writing Loving Max the day after typing a big, fat “the end” on the Finding Max manuscript. Even then it was imperative to keep writing, to keep the momentum flowing, to keep the characters breathing.

The second novel dives a bit deeper into the complicated lives of our three amigos, but when Auntie’s life and safety comes under Cameron’s control the amigos must pool together all their resources to secure Auntie’s very life. And what terrifying experiences must the five-year-old child, Rodrigo, face in Cameron’s darkened basement now that Cameron has him in his clutches. Will Max get to enact the revenge he has in store for Cameron and his hive of evil henchmen, or will Cameron again elude his grasp and get off scott-free? Find out the answers to these questions and more in Loving Max — the stunning new literary thriller soon to be written by yours truly, Darren M. Jorgensen.

But that’s not entirely true. It is already about halfway written. All I need is about two weeks of good writing karma (including nice sunny weather because I like to write outside under the crab apple trees. There are four of them and only one of me.

So why am I not writing? Writer’s Block? I highly doubt it. More likely the culprit is thus:

What a nasty mess my desk is currently!

I am one of those writers who is completely unable to work when my immediate environment is messy or cluttered or dirty. Seriously I think it harkens to my OCD and all that crap. I just cannot stand a messy work environment. So what this means is that I must get my freaking office cleaned if I am ever to be able to write again.

You think?

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