The Worth Street Subway Station in Jorgensen's

Finding Max

Sights on a train in Jorgensen's thriller, Finding Max.
Looking down the subway tunnel toward the oncoming train, in Jorgensen's thriller, Finding Max.

The Worth St. subway station was part of New York’s first subway line and opened in 1904. It closed for good in 1964 after 60 long years of service. You can still see the station when you are riding the green line trains, especially the number 6 train -- the local train.

The station was lengthened twice. Originally, it was about 200 feet long in order to accommodate five-car trains. The first door of the first car and the last door of the last car never entered the stations and were left unopened when other doors were opened to accept and release passengers.

The station was lengthened a second time in 1948 by the Board of Transportation on only the downtown side this time. The renovations were done on one side in order to save costs.

The tile mosaic commissioned did not attempt to match the original, but rather was designed to harmonize with it.