About the Characters in this Gripping New Thriller, Finding Max:


Gary Aldertree, always feeling guilty over his brother's disappearance in Finding Max.
When Gary neglects to watch over his brother, Max, is when his little brother is abducted in this new thriller, Finding Max, by Darren M Jorgensen.

In the gripping new thriller, Finding Max, by Darren M. Jorgensen, Gary comes face to face with his own guilt over his little brother's abduction while still struggling to learn to love him for who he is, not who Gary wants him to be.

Christ, it’s hot today! thought Gary as he waited on the 14th Street subway platform. A man could melt into a pool of sweat on a day like today. When the train arrived and opened its doors, Gary walked on and looked for a seat. There were none to be had, so he stood in front of a well-dressed Asian woman, reached over her (he was six-foot-four) to the handholds and grabbed on, waiting for the train to move. With a lurch forward that caused many standing passengers to almost fall to the ground, the train moved on toward the next station.

As he stood watching through the windows, Gary saw the tracks, walls and lights of the subway system’s passageways. He knew that there were even underground stations and lines that were no longer used. He wondered whether or not other passengers were aware of these broken down underground tunnels and stations. Probably not. He gripped the handhold tighter.

Gary liked to ride the subway and peer out the windows hoping to catch a glimpse of something that other passengers might miss, like a group of workers trudging the pathways with flashlights in hand, the light swinging back and forth in the dark as they walked closer to their destination with each step. Or a glimpse of the tumbling, twisting, tightly drawn graffiti that stretched across the walls down here, catching light from passing trains and glinting specular reflections in the transitory night.

Gary plays a major role in this gripping new thriller from author Darren M. Jorgensen..