About the Characters in Finding Max, the Exciting New Thiller by Darren M Jorgensen: Max

Maximilian Aldertree was abducted at age five right from under Gary's nose in the exciting new thriller, Finding Max, by Darren M Jorgensen.
Max never saw the outside of a... well, we wont go into that and spoil the plot for you, will we? From the exciting new thriller, Finding Max, by Darren M Jorgensen.

The young man walking down 8th Avenue in the red Converse sneakers with a blue backpack slung over his right shoulder pulled his collar up against the wind and rain. Max Aldertree was miserable.

He’d slept poorly the night before, even though his belly was full. He was worried he might have body lice; he had been itchy now for days. But no matter how closely he inspected himself, he had so far been unable to find either adults or nits. He wasn’t sure how he had contracted them, but living the life he lived carried with it all kinds of medical and hygiene issues. He could have caught body lice anywhere, from anyone he came into contact with.

That was one of the reasons Max kept mostly to himself: With familiarity comes danger. What if his abductor were to find out about him? What if he were to catch wind of the young man with blond curls and a beautifully chiseled face hanging out in the Meatpacking District? Would he come looking himself to see if it was Maximilian -- HIS Maximilian?

Or would he just instruct his henchman to kill him?