About the Characters in the New Thriller, Finding Max, by Darren M Jorgensen: Jean

Jean Choi, who captures Gary's heart, will lead him back from the brink in the finding max trilogy.
Jean, Gary's new love, is ill with some unknown wasting disease, and has no money to visit a doctor in the exciting new thriller by Darren M Jorgensen, Finding Max.

The man standing in front of Jean had a rather large bulge in his pants, clearly neither a banana nor a gun. She tried to avert her eyes, but it was not easy with being so short and the man being so tall. It placed his package directly in front of her eyes.

The subway passengers swayed back and forth, back and forth, back and forth in time to the movements of the train on its tracks. Jean struggled not to look up at the man’s face to see what he looked like. She didn’t want him to notice how flushed her cheeks had become. Would he guess what she had been thinking about? Probably not, but there was a slim chance he would.

Though Jean was outgoing and boisterous at times, she was nevertheless not one to step outside of her boundaries and embrace new ways of doing things without a lot of thought put to them first. She was also shy at times, though she covered it up well with talk, laughter and hard work put in at the library. She was going for her master’s now and hoping to complete it within another year. And though she could count the times she had had intercourse on her own two hands, she didn’t like to. She didn’t like to be reminded of all those fumbling moments in the darkness with all those mannerless boys whose names she couldn’t remember. It made her feel cheap, one thing that she certainly wasn’t. She had high standards, high goals and high expectations, so much so that it was probable no human male could live up to her intense scrutiny.

Jean was a woman who knew what she wanted.