First Chapter Read of Finding Max – An Excellent New Thriller from Darren M. Jorgensen

The most important part of a book is the beginning. Wtihout a great beginning an author just won't catch their reader's attention. With a gret beginning, the reader will keep reading long after the rest of the book becomes boring in the hopes that it will get as good as the bginning again. "Finding Max" has a great beginning.

But there's no use me just tellin you that the beginning of "Finding Max" is great. You should see and hear for your self. Toward that end, I've uploaded a video of me reading the first chapter of the novel. But before beginning the video, download the first chpter of the novel from the websit so that you can read along as I read. You will haave a better comprehension of the chapter if you do.

So go ahead. Enjoy yoursef. Sit back and follow along on your own copy. And enjoy the ride!

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