Great Characters Inhabit the Pages of Great Books like Finding Max

Great characters are the backbone of any good story, and the characters that live on the pages of Finding Max are no different.

The core requirement for all characters in a novel is that they are each searching for something to augment their life journey, whether it be love, money, career, healthy children or whatever. Their desire to achieve their own ends is what pushes them on through the narrative.

In Finding Max, Gary is tormented by his own past and how it has affected his little brother's life.

Jean, on the other hand, has her own distressing journey she is travelling, living with some kind of disease that is wasting her away to nothing.

And Max? Well, how much worse could life actually be?

In Finding Max, these three primary characters each strive to lead better lives, with the aim of incorporating their new loved ones into their own futures.

But to what ends will each of them go to secure their own futures?

In Finding Max, Gary Aldertree, always feeling guilty over his brother's disappearance.

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In Finding Max, Jean Choi, 25 years old.

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In Finding Max, Maximilian Aldertree was abducted at age five right from under Gary's nose.

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