In Finding Max, for years Gary has felt responsible for his brother's abduction. If only he hadn't been so intent on hanging upside down that day. Now he has a chance to redeem himself. Can he?


In Finding Max, having lived with her Auntie Lily and Uncle Teddy since being thrown out her parents’ home, this little spitfire believes in fairness, justice and loyalty—not necessarily in that order. She’s got a heart that loves easily and a wounded nature that craves peace.


In Finding Max, Maximilian Aldertree was five years old when he was abducted by Cameron and Quinn. Blond hair, blue eyes - he would be like a romantic dream come true for many women if it wasn’t for the way he smelled, his filthy clothes and his unwashed skin. A homeless man as a romantic ideal? Not quite.

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Finding Max - Chapter One


The cat was almost dead. And it was all his fault.

He hadn't meant to kill the cat, but who would believe him? Certainly not Gary, who would taunt him about how the cat must have felt in its last moments; the terror it felt being chased as it darted across the park; the screech of tires, like nails on a blackboard; the agonizing Riiiip! as its back legs tore apart from its torso; the sound of it clawing at the road, trying to drag itself back home. And then Gary would run home to tell their mother.

She wouldn't believe him either. In her afternoon haze, she would totter on the couch and demand he tell the truth. Was he teasing the cat? Was he tormenting the cat? Why did he chase it into traffic? Then he'd get a beating, and then she'd exile him to bed.

He sat on the cement curb. The cat was no longer screeching loud snarls but rather lapsing into soft, small cries. He tried not to look at its abdomen and the gore smeared across the pavement where its legs should have been, but his eyes kept travelling there, curious and clinical. The cat's blood was bright red in the afternoon sun. It left a brilliant crimson streak where the tire had scraped the cat along the road. And now, a pool of it was creeping all around the dying animal.

Maximilian held his knees to his chest, wrapping his arms around them and pulling them tight. He was trying to keep it together, but he felt that he might not be able to for long. He felt as though he shared something with this dying cat, some kind of connection, like a secret to be told in hushed tones under the bedsheet. But he was also disconnected from it, as though he were floating above himself and looking down. Both sensations coursed through him, making his legs feel like jelly.

The cat lay dying in Finding Max
The cat lay dying on the side of the road as Maximilian looked on.

He wanted to kick the cat, give it one good boot to send it soaring to the other side of the road. He wanted it out of his sight, out of his mind, out of his memory. But he couldn't do that. He couldn't bear to bring more misery to the poor animal, whose breathing now sounded like a choking motor with water in its lines.

Suddenly it stretched out, all its remaining muscles tensing. A cry escaped from its mouth, a feeble cry that ended on a simple exhale as it finally relaxed.

The cat was dead.


You have just read a portion of Chapter One of Finding Max, the new thriller from the mind of fiction writer Darren M. Jorgensen.

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Finding Max - the brilliant new thriller with so much more than meets the eye.

First book in a series of three altogether planned, the second book, Loving Max, is halfway written and the third book, Discovering Max, has been plotted almost fully.

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Download the First Chapter – Free!

Download the First Chapter – Free!